Chinese cabbage, Pak choi, Tatsoi, Choi sim and Mizuna, Brassica rapa sp. 

Brassica rapa ssp.

Brassica rapa var. chinensis = Pak Choi, is smooth leaved, does not form heads and runs very fast into bloom. Blossoms approx. 56-60 days after sowing.

Brassica rapa was pekinensis = Pe Tsai = Chinese cabbage is frizzy leaved and forms heads if too late seeded. Used for human consumption in Denmark. Must be sown before 1 May.

Brassica rapa var. Nipposinica = Mizuna, has smooth leaves with many, elongated and narrow leaves and has a fairly late blooming. Must be sown before 1 May.

Brassica rapa cv group Taatsai = Tatsoi, grows like a flat rosette with many, dark green and round leaves.

Chinese cabbage, pak choi, tatsoi, choi sim and mizuna belong to the family of Brassicaceae. The flowers are bisexual and predominantly foreign pollination. Seedlings of these crops resemble several areas spring rape.

Seed Quantity: 2-4 kg/ha

Sowing: Mid-April.

Harvest: August.