Beetroot 'Swiss Chard'

Beta vulgaris var. Cicla 'Swiss Chard'

Beetroot belongs to the Amaranthaceae family, as well as spinach. Beetroot is a biennial crop, where the root develops in the first year, and it flowers and develop seeds year 2. For seed production, the beetroot are being sowed out after harvest in August and grows until autumn. Beetroot for seeds is grown just as normal beetroots and as hybridizes with a female and a male line where the male line is removed after pollination. Leaf beets is found in several different varieties with white, red, yellow and orange leafstems. The leaves taste very similar to spinach, and are typically used for babyleaf production. Beetroots prefer a good, deep-mulch, sand-blended clay soil with high reaction rates.

Seed Quantity: 2-3 kg/ha

Sowing: August.

Harvest: July.