Lupinus Russell

Perennial lupine is a outdoor plant in a color mix of white, blue, pink, purple and pink. Lupines belong to the pea-flower family (Fabaceae). The plants grow 80-120 cm high. It can normally be harvested on the ground for 3 years. The first year’s yield is a little less. The perennial lupine Russell has beautiful, finger-divided leaves and a dense inflorescence with clear, clean colors. The roots are thick, fleshy and profound, why the plant performs well on lean and dry soil. At the roots, large spherical tubers of nitrogen bacteria develop. The stem is unbranched and hairy. The leaves have 7-16 cm long tips. The bellows of the plant are 2.5 - 4 cm long. They are brown and hairy and contain 5-9 seeds each. Lupine seeds are poisonous!

Seed Quantity: 12/ha

Sowing: April or August.

Harvest: End August.