New Zealand

Attention, new things are happening...

Our cutomers are developing, and we are doing the same. We work with worldwide companies, that sell their seeds in every corner of the world.

We have seen purpose to follow the trend, and to meet our customers demands. They have to get seeds of the higest quality delivered on time as promised.

This has opened an opportunity to start a production in New Zealand.

Jensen Seeds has decided to keep up with the industry and we can now offer our customers counter season.

Area of production

The Canterbury Plains in New Zealand are world-renowned for specialised small seed production. Situated on the eastern South Island at 43-degrees south latitude, the Canterbury Plains have very fertile soils, an excellent temperate climate.

A range of modern irrigation systems ensures the best quality products are delivered to our customers around the world.


Across the Canterbury Plains a very vast range of vegetable seed crops, both Hybrid- and OP crops are grown for customers around the world. These are grown alongside traditional small seed- and grain crops.

Radish, Chinese Cabbage, Chinese Pak Choi, Spinach, Red Beets, Swiss Chard, Carrots, Chinese Kale, Cabbage, Wild Rocket, Corn Salad, Chinese Mustard, Canola, Swedes, etc. are common crops.

The growers in Canterbury are highly skilled seed producers and their willingness to try something new means there are very few crops that haven't been tryed.

We have network of 450 farmers who we have a daily contact with.

Our large base of growers, use advanced farming techniques and modern irrigation systems.

Our 150 ha research farm "Kimihia" is located at Lincoln, here we have a small but vastly experienced agronomy team, specialiced in seed production, and this gives us an opportunity to trial and evaluate a vast range of species, before commercially producing for clients,  if required.