The area in mid-east Germany, where a lot of the now big seed producers in the world had their first seeds planted.

The area was befor second world war known for the center of of seed production in Germany.

Jensen Seeds established back in 2004 a company and started producing hybrid spinach (early types) we found the structure of the growers fitted perfect to our strategy for the future - today we produce a significant number of hectars.

Area of production

Quedlingburg is located approximately 220 km southwest of Berlin, situated at 52-degrees north latitude.

The warm and sunny climate makes excellent seed quality.

the soil is fertile and the area is big enough to maintain the perfect isolation distance for crops like spinach and onions.


Our focus is to develop production of crops, such as Hybrid onion (long day), Sunflower, Carrot, Phacelia.

Of course we will continue to develop Hybrid spinach. The early harvest in Germany allows us to a quick delivery of high quality seeds, early to our customers.