Jensen Seed's history

It all began with Chr. Olsen, Frøavl- og Frøhandel A/S, which was founded as a garden seed company on December 1st 1862 by Chr. Olsen (b. 1842, d. 1914).          

The experimental farm 'Kristinelyst', belonging to Chr. Olsen, was located in Odense.  Chr. Børge Olsen closed down the family business in 1962 - the same year that the company’s 100 year jubilee. He moved to Tønder to live near his daughter Karin Grete (b. 1937), who was married to Lensgreve Hans Schack.

Paul Jensen started his career in 1950 at Chr. Børge Olsen. The first 2 years where he worked in the office and from 1952 to 1962, he worked as a seed production consultant. After Chr. Børge Olsen's closure of the company, Paul Jensen started up his own seed production company on a farm, and took over a part of the customers. After 5 years (1967) he relocated the company to Labirksgyden 12, Birkum, Odense, where he bought five ha land.  Here he built the first building and subsequently every five year a new one was build.

Henning van Veldhuizen was employed in March 1986.  In 1992, he took over the company, together with Paul Jensen's daughter, Kirsten. During his leadership, the company name is changed to Jensen Seeds A/S. Today the company is owned by DLF, and is a well-consolidated and modern seed production company, that could celebrate its 50-year anniversary on 10. May 2012.  The company has, according to the above, its roots 150 years back in time.